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Method Coffee Roastery

Method Coffee Roastery

Recently we popped over to Method Coffee's roastery to see what Tre and Mark get up to on a daily basis. Having had the pleasure of hosting them at Hereford Indie Food and The Bookshop's Winter Brunch, we were left obsessed and intrigued to learn more.   

Tucked away at the bottom of Frome's Hill, their humble base is home to some of the world's best and most ethically sourced coffee beans South America and South East Asia has to offer. Dedicated to maintaining a personal relationship with each grower, Tre and Mark make frequent trips to ensure a sustainable and supported supply chain. 

Passion for quality coffee ignited the initial idea of setting up their own coffee shop, but as they embarked on this journey, they quickly realised that their interests ran much deeper than that. With the desire to control exactly where coffee comes from, paired with their dream of one day having the ability to hand-roast small batches of coffee, The Method Roastery was born.

Having only spent a few hours at the roastery during a busy December morning, we came away from it with a new appreciation for coffee. It's clear that Tre and Mark are in their element - the love and their attention to detail (it's a science) that they put into each hand-roasted batch really shines through. 

Method Coffee mainly supply to independent retailers in Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire - they are, however, forever expanding to further a field.

To get your hands on some of their delicious coffee, head to their online shop here